Saturday, March 21, 2009

Scribbling in March 2009

photos by Julie Eger

March 21, 2009

The assignment for April 18th is an assignment involving discipline. For seven days, consecutive or not, take time out of your day to sit outside for at least five minutes and write down your observations and then see where your observations will lead you. Be prepared to share your notes of observation.


Feb. 10 2008 4:00 PM
The wind is so cold it hurts the inside of my nose when I breathe. The wind comes in gusts and swirls the snow. For a moment the smoke in the neighbor’s chimney climbs straight up, and then the wind cranks it side ways, toward the west. The sun is a bright yellow spot sitting on top of the Norway pines. My fingers sting and it’s hard to push the keys on the keyboard of my laptop. I’ve been outside for three minutes. The wind chill is 45° below zero and I have frost in my nose.

Sometimes we want to go in a straight line but something redirects us like the wind changing the direction of the smoke. As hard as we try to go where we think we want to go, something gets in our way, changes our mind, or presents us with a person or information that makes us look to a new direction. Wise people embrace the detours in their life.

The next meeting will be April 18th, third Saturday of the month, at Four Star Family Restaurant from 9-11 in Wautoma.

Julie, Ken, Barbara FV, Barbara FW, Carl, and Sue attended the meeting. Nan and Lauretta sent pieces to be shared. Lauretta's story was about a young girl finding a magic doorknob in an antique store. Nan wrote about the doorknob of the room from which the Lindbergh baby was taken from. Carl wrote about every doorknob leading to a new adventure and also about his grandfather's old license plate. Julie read a story about aliens that involved a bowling ball but did mention a doorknob. Ken wrote a clever story with many twists and turns about a crazy old woman with an enticing license plate. Barbara FV shared a piece about how writing can add to the decline of a society.

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