Tuesday, January 26, 2010

February 2010 Meeting

Scribblers Meeting January 23, 2010 Hancock Restaurant.

Attendees: Pat, Sue, Lauretta, Julie.

Sue read a story about Mary Elizabeth who had a mastectomy, a story with a clever twist at the end. Pat read a story about a woman who suffered from schizophrenia, also a story with a clever twist at the end. Julie read the first two chapters of a larger piece she’s working on, trying to convey ‘parallels’ between a ten-year-old girl and a first time murderer. Lauretta enlisted Sue, Pat, and Julie to ‘cold read’ two very entertaining short plays she had written. Then the group did a poetry exercise where they each wrote 2 lines jumping off from an impromptu starter line, and then took turns reading their lines to see if it created a poem that made sense. They will work on those two poems for next time, writing a title for one, and rearranging the lines of the other. The two poems are included at the end of this entry.
The prompts for the next meeting - Feb. 23, 2010 (4th Tuesday) – 11:00-1:00 at the Hancock restaurant are:

Sum up your writing career in one sentence.


You and a friend break into your neighborhood swim club late one night for an after-hours dip. While splashing around in the pool a dead body floats to the top. It turns out to be someone you know. Write this scene.

Group Meeting Impromptu Poems (just in case you’re interested in working on them as stated above…)

Think of a title for this poem:

Dishes clattered in the back of the restaurant.
The couple sat in silence, cups of cold coffee in front of them.
Many voices, lots of noise, no words,
the crash of crockery hitting the hard floor rocked the room.
She stared at her plate.
Butter melted over the top of the steaming pancakes.
It was an old time cash register, punches and bells.
Dammit! Now I’ll have to go to the Good Will again.
The men at the other table wouldn’t stop laughing.

Rearrange the lines in this poem to make your own poem. Feel free to make small changes to some of the lines to make them fit your poem.

1.Lemon tea and the stink of vomit and here you are.
2.Up to your nipples in crying kids, dirty laundry, crabby men.
3.All your plans for the day have come to this, mopping up the bathroom floor again.
4.Crawling on your hands and knees toward sanity.
5.I reached for the stale cookie and wondered why we only visited Grandma when she was sick.
6.Door bells, telephones, Calgon – Is this all there is?
7.But Mom, you told me the lemon tea would settle my stomach – so it’s all your fault!
8.I think I’ll open the window.
9.The orderly passed the open door, muttering to the mop and bucket he was carrying.

Also, please feel free to leave a comment about whether you can attend, a note about something you'd like to share with the group, etc. by clicking on and entering a comment on the comment link below.

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