Thursday, February 25, 2010

Mar. 23 meeting coming up!

Feb. 23, 2010

The Scribblers met at The Kettle Restaurant at 11:00 and shared their stories about the ‘swimming pool.’ Each story was different, some had endings, others were experiments in creating scenes and developing characters. It prompted a discussion about the differences between character driven stories and plot driven stories. No one titled their story so we did a five minute exercise in titling our stories. This is what we came up with: Sue -Three Guys, Lauretta - Night Swim, Julie - Blood Trail, Carl - Wet Dreams. Pat didn’t do the prompt but said she was content to listen. Julie and Carl shared their response to the poetry prompts and came from completely different directions on those.

The next meeting is scheduled for Mar. 23 (4th Tues.) at The Kettle Restaurant from 11-1 pm. The prompts are:

Write a poem about ‘lessons from a child.’

Write a poem, story, or essay about “Along the road…” and/or write about someone you envy. Start your story with “I wish I didn’t envy ________(fill in the blank) so much but I can’t help it.”

cardinal photo by Julie Eger

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BFayBooks said...

Always fun to read what happened at the meetings - and always look forward to the pictures you have here, too!