Sunday, August 22, 2010

Scribbler temporarily puts her crayons away...

Hello fellow Scribblers,

Just a note to let all of you know this Scribbler will be putting her crayons away for awhile instead of diving myself crazy trying to fit everything in. I've decided I need to concentrate on my work until we get through all we need to get through since the accident. I hope you continue to meet whenever and wherever you can and that you will send me things you write as a result of the meetings. I would really appreciate being able to sit down at my work desk and open an email that contains one of your wonderful stories. I can't think of anything that would brighten my day more than that!

I won't apologize for my absence as life does twist and turn, and often in ways you don't expect and this is one of those twists. I will miss you all for the time being, and hopefully you'll still be lurking at the edge of the playground, waiting to connect again when my life turns back to normal!


"I hear the train a comin', she's comin' round the bend..."

 Johnny Cash

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